Lineage for d2nt0c1 (2nt0 C:1-77,C:432-497)

  1. Root: SCOPe 2.01
  2. 929298Class b: All beta proteins [48724] (174 folds)
  3. 960875Fold b.71: Glycosyl hydrolase domain [51010] (1 superfamily)
    folded sheet; greek-key
  4. 960876Superfamily b.71.1: Glycosyl hydrolase domain [51011] (5 families) (S)
    this domain is C-terminal to the catalytic beta/alpha barrel domain
  5. 961258Family b.71.1.2: Composite domain of glycosyl hydrolase families 5, 30, 39 and 51 [89388] (4 proteins)
    interrupted by the catalytic domain; the C-terminal core is similar to the alpha-amylase domain
  6. 961315Protein Glucosylceramidase [89389] (1 species)
    glycosyl hydrolase family 30; the N-terminal extension wraps around the C-terminal core
  7. 961316Species Human (Homo sapiens) [TaxId:9606] [89390] (11 PDB entries)
  8. 961319Domain d2nt0c1: 2nt0 C:1-77,C:432-497 [138565]
    Other proteins in same PDB: d2nt0a2, d2nt0b2, d2nt0c2, d2nt0d2
    automatically matched to d1ogsa1
    complexed with gol, nag, so4

Details for d2nt0c1

PDB Entry: 2nt0 (more details), 1.79 Å

PDB Description: acid-beta-glucosidase low ph, glycerol bound
PDB Compounds: (C:) glucosylceramidase

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>d2nt0c1 b.71.1.2 (C:1-77,C:432-497) Glucosylceramidase {Human (Homo sapiens) [TaxId: 9606]}

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