SCOPe 2.02 help


Structural Classification of Proteins — extended (SCOPe) is a database of protein structural relationships that extends the SCOP database. SCOP is a (mostly) manually curated ordering of domains from the majority of proteins of known structure in a hierarchy according to structural and evolutionary relationships. Development of SCOP (version 1) concluded with SCOP 1.75, released in June 2009. SCOPe extends the SCOP database, using a combination of manual curation and rigorously validated automated methods to classify many newer PDB structures. Our goal in implementing automation is to extend SCOPe to include structures that can be classified in the SCOP hierarchy, without sacrificing the reliability of the database that was developed through years of expert curation.

SCOPe also incorporates and updates the Astral compendium. Astral provides several databases and tools to aid in the analysis of the protein structures classified in SCOP, particularly through the use of their sequences. Here is a link to more info about Astral. New releases of Astral are derived from SCOPe.

We have rigorously benchmarked our automated methods to ensure that they are as accurate as manual curation, though there are many proteins to which our methods cannot be applied. SCOPe also corrects some errors in SCOP. SCOPe aims to be backward compatible with SCOP, providing the same parseable files and a history of changes between all stable SCOP and SCOPe releases (available on the Stats & History page).

The SCOPe website provides integrated access to data found in all releases of the SCOP and Astral databases that feature stable identifiers.