Lineage for d3mcab1 (3mca B:131-271)

  1. Root: SCOPe 2.05
  2. 1815291Class c: Alpha and beta proteins (a/b) [51349] (148 folds)
  3. 1857400Fold c.55: Ribonuclease H-like motif [53066] (7 superfamilies)
    3 layers: a/b/a; mixed beta-sheet of 5 strands, order 32145; strand 2 is antiparallel to the rest
  4. 1860419Superfamily c.55.4: Translational machinery components [53137] (3 families) (S)
  5. 1860596Family c.55.4.0: automated matches [254303] (1 protein)
    not a true family
  6. 1860597Protein automated matches [254704] (2 species)
    not a true protein
  7. 1860598Species Fission yeast (Schizosaccharomyces pombe) [TaxId:4896] [255960] (1 PDB entry)
  8. 1860599Domain d3mcab1: 3mca B:131-271 [247637]
    Other proteins in same PDB: d3mcab2
    automated match to d2vgna2

Details for d3mcab1

PDB Entry: 3mca (more details), 2.74 Å

PDB Description: Structure of the Dom34-Hbs1 Complex and implications for its role in No-Go decay
PDB Compounds: (B:) Protein dom34

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>d3mcab1 c.55.4.0 (B:131-271) automated matches {Fission yeast (Schizosaccharomyces pombe) [TaxId: 4896]}

Sequence, based on observed residues (ATOM records): (download)

>d3mcab1 c.55.4.0 (B:131-271) automated matches {Fission yeast (Schizosaccharomyces pombe) [TaxId: 4896]}

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