Lineage for d3q1kc2 (3q1k C:140-364)

  1. Root: SCOPe 2.03
  2. 1396887Class d: Alpha and beta proteins (a+b) [53931] (376 folds)
  3. 1432977Fold d.142: ATP-grasp [56058] (2 superfamilies)
    Consists of two subdomains with different alpha+beta folds
    shares functional and structural similarities with the PIPK and protein kinase superfamilies
  4. 1432978Superfamily d.142.1: Glutathione synthetase ATP-binding domain-like [56059] (10 families) (S)
  5. 1433300Family d.142.1.0: automated matches [227184] (1 protein)
    not a true family
  6. 1433301Protein automated matches [226904] (18 species)
    not a true protein
  7. 1433332Species Salmonella enterica [TaxId:90371] [226057] (1 PDB entry)
  8. 1433335Domain d3q1kc2: 3q1k C:140-364 [215026]
    Other proteins in same PDB: d3q1ka1, d3q1kb1, d3q1kc1, d3q1kd1
    automated match to d1ehib2
    complexed with adp, fmt, gol, mg, so4

Details for d3q1kc2

PDB Entry: 3q1k (more details), 2.2 Å

PDB Description: The Crystal Structure of the D-alanyl-alanine Synthetase A from Salmonella enterica Typhimurium Complexed with ADP
PDB Compounds: (C:) D-alanine--D-alanine ligase A

SCOPe Domain Sequences for d3q1kc2:

Sequence, based on SEQRES records: (download)

>d3q1kc2 d.142.1.0 (C:140-364) automated matches {Salmonella enterica [TaxId: 90371]}

Sequence, based on observed residues (ATOM records): (download)

>d3q1kc2 d.142.1.0 (C:140-364) automated matches {Salmonella enterica [TaxId: 90371]}

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