Lineage for Species: Thermotoga maritima [TaxId: 2336]

  1. Root: SCOPe 2.01
  2. 1013083Class d: Alpha and beta proteins (a+b) [53931] (376 folds)
  3. 1053512Fold d.325: L28p-like [143799] (1 superfamily)
    unusual fold consisting of three beta-hairpins, that form a paper clip-like structure, and two helices; could have evolved from a glucocorticoid receptor-like zinc finger domain (57715)
  4. 1053513Superfamily d.325.1: L28p-like [143800] (2 families) (S)
    In early ribosomal structures, L28p has been misinterpreted as L31p. in the Ribosomal protein L28p family, there are sequences containing two CxxC pairs. Threading these sequences into this fold brings the four cysteines in a similar site to the zinc-binding site of glucocorticoid receptor-like zinc fingers. In the Ribosomal protein L31p, there are also members with two CxxC pairs. However, these won't form a putative zinc-binding site in this fold. The L31p family are classified here temporarily, until its true fold is known
  5. 1053514Family d.325.1.1: Ribosomal protein L28 [143801] (1 protein)
  6. 1053515Protein Ribosomal protein L28 (L28p) [143802] (4 species)
  7. 1053541Species Thermotoga maritima [TaxId:2336] [160710] (1 PDB entry)
    Uniprot Q9WY96 1-70

PDB entry in Species: Thermotoga maritima [TaxId: 2336]:

  • Domain(s) for 2jz6:
    • 1053542Domain d2jz6a1: 2jz6 A:6-75 [148245]
      solution structure with the ordered "GATA-like zinc finger" core

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