PDB-style files for SCOP domains

The ATOM and HETATM records corresponding to each SCOP domain have been collated into PDB-style coordinate files. Header and remark records with more information about the domain are also provided.


  • To get all the PDB-style files for Astral 1.61, download the archive (1.9 GB).

  • For direct access to all the files, click here.

  • or use this form to retrieve the file for a single domain by either the SCOP sid or sun identifiers:
    the PDB-style file for SCOP domain (i.e. "d1dlwa_" or "14982")
    Output will be returned as .


  • Domains in the file hierarchy are named according to SCOP sid ID, not Astral ID, in cases where they are different (multi-chain domains begin with "g" or "e" in Astral and "d" in SCOP). Either ID will work in the above form, as well as the numeric sun IDs from SCOP.

  • For domains containing multiple chains, the chains are ordered in the genetic domain order (as is the case for the sequences), not the order in the original PDB file. For example, chain B: may appear before chain A:

  • For entries containing multiple models, all models are included, along with MODEL and ENDMDL records.

  • We have inserted a TER record for each chain, and an END record at the end of the file.

  • The header and remark records take the following form:
    HEADER    SCOP/ASTRAL domain d1dlwa_ [14982]      28-JUL-05   0000
    REMARK  99
    REMARK  99 ASTRAL ASTRAL-version: 1.75
    REMARK  99 ASTRAL SCOP-sid: d1dlwa_
    REMARK  99 ASTRAL SCOP-sun: 14982
    REMARK  99 ASTRAL SCOP-sccs: a.1.1.1
    REMARK  99 ASTRAL Source-PDB: 1dlw
    REMARK  99 ASTRAL Source-PDB-REVDAT: 20-SEP-00
    REMARK  99 ASTRAL Region: a:
    REMARK  99 ASTRAL Data-updated-release: 1.61