Lineage for d1m5yb1 (1m5y B:25-163,B:396-427)

  1. Root: SCOPe 2.07
  2. 2299346Class a: All alpha proteins [46456] (289 folds)
  3. 2343047Fold a.223: Triger factor/SurA peptide-binding domain-like [109997] (1 superfamily)
    multihelical; irregular array of long and short helices
  4. 2343048Superfamily a.223.1: Triger factor/SurA peptide-binding domain-like [109998] (3 families) (S)
    there are sequence and functional similarities between the families, but their structural similarity is obscured by conformational flexibility (in the TF family)
  5. 2343058Family a.223.1.2: Porin chaperone SurA, peptide-binding domain [81828] (1 protein)
  6. 2343059Protein Porin chaperone SurA, peptide-binding domain [81829] (1 species)
  7. 2343060Species Escherichia coli [TaxId:562] [81830] (2 PDB entries)
  8. 2343062Domain d1m5yb1: 1m5y B:25-163,B:396-427 [78667]
    Other proteins in same PDB: d1m5ya2, d1m5ya3, d1m5yb2, d1m5yb3, d1m5yc2, d1m5yc3, d1m5yd2, d1m5yd3

Details for d1m5yb1

PDB Entry: 1m5y (more details), 3 Å

PDB Description: Crystallographic Structure of SurA, a Molecular Chaperone that Facilitates Outer Membrane Porin Folding
PDB Compounds: (B:) Survival protein surA

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>d1m5yb1 a.223.1.2 (B:25-163,B:396-427) Porin chaperone SurA, peptide-binding domain {Escherichia coli [TaxId: 562]}

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