Lineage for d1e5wa1 (1e5w A:88-198)

  1. Root: SCOP 1.57
  2. 43951Class a: All alpha proteins [46456] (144 folds)
  3. 46140Fold a.11: Acyl-CoA binding protein-like [47026] (2 superfamilies)
  4. 46149Superfamily a.11.2: Second domain of FERM [47031] (1 family) (S)
  5. 46150Family a.11.2.1: Second domain of FERM [47032] (3 proteins)
  6. 46156Protein Moesin [47033] (1 species)
  7. 46157Species Human (Homo sapiens) [TaxId:9606] [47034] (2 PDB entries)
  8. 46160Domain d1e5wa1: 1e5w A:88-198 [59280]
    Other proteins in same PDB: d1e5wa2, d1e5wa3

Details for d1e5wa1

PDB Entry: 1e5w (more details), 2.7 Å

PDB Description: Structure of isolated FERM domain and first long helix of moesin

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>d1e5wa1 a.11.2.1 (A:88-198) Moesin {Human (Homo sapiens)}

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