Lineage for d4x3te1 (4x3t E:7-55)

  1. Root: SCOPe 2.06
  2. 2021373Class b: All beta proteins [48724] (177 folds)
  3. 2053585Fold b.34: SH3-like barrel [50036] (21 superfamilies)
    barrel, partly opened; n*=4, S*=8; meander
    the last strand is interrupted by a turn of 3-10 helix
  4. 2055542Superfamily b.34.13: Chromo domain-like [54160] (4 families) (S)
    SH3-like barrel is capped by a C-terminal helix
  5. 2055586Family b.34.13.2: Chromo domain [54165] (8 proteins)
    lacks the SH3-like barrel first strand that can be complemented by bound peptide ligand; in shadow chromo domain the corresponding site is altered by insertion; similarity to the IL8-like fold
  6. 2055663Protein automated matches [191035] (3 species)
    not a true protein
  7. 2055688Species Mouse (Mus musculus) [TaxId:10090] [255382] (5 PDB entries)
  8. 2055695Domain d4x3te1: 4x3t E:7-55 [270100]
    Other proteins in same PDB: d4x3ta2, d4x3tb2, d4x3tc2, d4x3td2, d4x3te2, d4x3tf2
    automated match to d2kvma_
    complexed with 45e, edo, zn

Details for d4x3te1

PDB Entry: 4x3t (more details), 2.14 Å

PDB Description: crystal structure of chromobox homolog 7 (cbx7) chromodomain with ms37452
PDB Compounds: (E:) Chromobox protein homolog 7

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>d4x3te1 b.34.13.2 (E:7-55) automated matches {Mouse (Mus musculus) [TaxId: 10090]}

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