Lineage for d1v06a_ (1v06 A:)

  1. Root: SCOPe 2.07
  2. 2344607Class b: All beta proteins [48724] (178 folds)
  3. 2412441Fold b.145: AXH domain [102030] (1 superfamily)
    pseudobarrel; some similarity to OB-fold
  4. 2412442Superfamily b.145.1: AXH domain [102031] (2 families) (S)
    automatically mapped to Pfam PF08517
  5. 2412465Family b.145.1.0: automated matches [233360] (1 protein)
    not a true family
  6. 2412466Protein automated matches [233361] (2 species)
    not a true protein
  7. 2412471Species Mouse (Mus musculus) [TaxId:10090] [254912] (1 PDB entry)
  8. 2412472Domain d1v06a_: 1v06 A: [240781]
    automated match to d3qvea_

Details for d1v06a_

PDB Entry: 1v06 (more details)

PDB Description: axh domain of the transcription factor hbp1 from m.musculus
PDB Compounds: (A:) HMG box-containing protein 1

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>d1v06a_ b.145.1.0 (A:) automated matches {Mouse (Mus musculus) [TaxId: 10090]}

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