Lineage for d2kzna1 (2kzn A:1-143)

  1. Root: SCOPe 2.06
  2. 2017114Class b: All beta proteins [48724] (177 folds)
  3. 2073241Fold b.88: Mss4-like [51315] (2 superfamilies)
    complex fold made of several coiled beta-sheets
  4. 2073242Superfamily b.88.1: Mss4-like [51316] (5 families) (S)
    duplication: tandem repeat of two similar structural motifs
  5. 2073274Family b.88.1.3: SelR domain [75041] (3 protein domains)
    automatically mapped to Pfam PF01641
  6. 2073279Protein Peptide methionine sulfoxide reductase MsrB [141670] (1 species)
  7. 2073280Species Bacillus subtilis [TaxId:1423] [141671] (2 PDB entries)
    Uniprot P54155 1-143
  8. 2073287Domain d2kzna1: 2kzn A:1-143 [166261]
    Other proteins in same PDB: d2kzna2

Details for d2kzna1

PDB Entry: 2kzn (more details)

PDB Description: Solution NMR Structure of Peptide methionine sulfoxide reductase msrB from Bacillus subtilis, Northeast Structural Genomics Consortium Target SR10
PDB Compounds: (A:) Peptide methionine sulfoxide reductase msrB

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>d2kzna1 b.88.1.3 (A:1-143) Peptide methionine sulfoxide reductase MsrB {Bacillus subtilis [TaxId: 1423]}

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