Lineage for Superfamily a.281.1: YheA/YmcA-like

  1. Root: SCOPe 2.06
  2. 1976409Class a: All alpha proteins [46456] (289 folds)
  3. 2016726Fold a.281: YheA-like [158621] (1 superfamily)
    5 helices; "kinked" antiparallel coiled coil; forms flexible oligomeric assemblies via two different dimerisation interfaces
  4. 2016727Superfamily a.281.1: YheA/YmcA-like [158622] (2 families) (S)


  1. 2016728a.281.1.1: YmcA-like [158623] (1 protein)
    N-terminal and C-terminal parts correspond to PfamB PB012831 and PfamB PB007043, respectively
    automatically mapped to Pfam PF06133
  2. 2016733a.281.1.2: YheA-like [158626] (4 protein domains)
    Pfam PF06133; DUF964

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