Lineage for d1wf6a_ (1wf6 A:)

  1. Root: SCOP 1.71
  2. 570216Class c: Alpha and beta proteins (a/b) [51349] (134 folds)
  3. 578132Fold c.15: BRCT domain [52112] (1 superfamily)
    3 layers, a/b/a; core: parallel beta-sheet of 4 strands, order 2134
  4. 578133Superfamily c.15.1: BRCT domain [52113] (5 families) (S)
    Pfam 00533
  5. 578184Family c.15.1.5: DNA topoisomerase II binding protein 1, TopBP1 [117468] (1 protein)
  6. 578185Protein DNA topoisomerase II binding protein 1, TopBP1 [117469] (1 species)
  7. 578186Species Human (Homo sapiens) [TaxId:9606] [117470] (1 PDB entry)
  8. 578187Domain d1wf6a_: 1wf6 A: [114576]
    Structural genomics target

Details for d1wf6a_

PDB Entry: 1wf6 (more details)

PDB Description: the third brca1 c-terminus (brct) domain of similar to s.pombe rad4+/cut5+ product

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>d1wf6a_ c.15.1.5 (A:) DNA topoisomerase II binding protein 1, TopBP1 {Human (Homo sapiens)}

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