Lineage for d1srza_ (1srz A:)

  1. Root: SCOP 1.71
  2. 621190Class g: Small proteins [56992] (79 folds)
  3. 623526Fold g.18: Complement control module/SCR domain [57534] (1 superfamily)
    disulfide-rich all-beta fold
  4. 623527Superfamily g.18.1: Complement control module/SCR domain [57535] (1 family) (S)
  5. 623528Family g.18.1.1: Complement control module/SCR domain [57536] (11 proteins)
    Pfam 00084
  6. 623709Protein GABA-B receptor 1 [118257] (1 species)
  7. 623710Species Rat (Rattus norvegicus) [TaxId:10116] [118258] (2 PDB entries)
  8. 623712Domain d1srza_: 1srz A: [112110]

Details for d1srza_

PDB Entry: 1srz (more details)

PDB Description: solution structure of the second complement control protein (ccp) module of the gaba(b)r1a receptor, pro-119 trans conformer

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>d1srza_ g.18.1.1 (A:) GABA-B receptor 1 {Rat (Rattus norvegicus)}

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