Lineage for d1ni5a4 (1ni5 A:227-314)

  1. Root: SCOP 1.73
  2. 713694Class d: Alpha and beta proteins (a+b) [53931] (334 folds)
  3. 740545Fold d.229: MesJ substrate recognition domain-like [82828] (1 superfamily)
    beta-alpha(2)-beta(3); 2 layers: a/b; antiparallel beta-sheet, order:1432
  4. 740546Superfamily d.229.1: MesJ substrate recognition domain-like [82829] (1 family) (S)
  5. 740547Family d.229.1.1: MesJ substrate recognition domain-like [82830] (2 proteins)
  6. 740552Protein tRNA-Ile-lysidine synthetase, TilS, substrate-binding domain [82831] (1 species)
    formerly putative cell cycle protein MesJ
  7. 740553Species Escherichia coli [TaxId:562] [82832] (1 PDB entry)
  8. 740554Domain d1ni5a4: 1ni5 A:227-314 [111593]
    Other proteins in same PDB: d1ni5a1, d1ni5a3
    complexed with mse

Details for d1ni5a4

PDB Entry: 1ni5 (more details), 2.65 Å

PDB Description: structure of the mesj pp-atpase from escherichia coli
PDB Compounds: (A:) Putative cell cycle protein mesJ

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>d1ni5a4 d.229.1.1 (A:227-314) tRNA-Ile-lysidine synthetase, TilS, substrate-binding domain {Escherichia coli [TaxId: 562]}

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