Lineage for d1t5ya2 (1t5y A:1-94)

  1. Root: SCOP 1.69
  2. 496776Class d: Alpha and beta proteins (a+b) [53931] (279 folds)
  3. 500605Fold d.17: Cystatin-like [54402] (7 superfamilies)
    Core: alpha-beta(4); helix packs against coiled antiparallel beta-sheet
  4. 501067Superfamily d.17.6: Pre-PUA domain [88802] (3 families) (S)
    this domain is found in association with the PUA domain in the C-terminal region of Archaeosine tRNA-guanine transglycosylase and related stand-alone proteins
  5. 501083Family d.17.6.3: Nip7p homolog, N-terminal domain [110832] (1 protein)
  6. 501084Protein Nip7p homolog, N-terminal domain [110833] (1 species)
  7. 501085Species Human (Homo sapiens) [TaxId:9606] [110834] (1 PDB entry)
  8. 501086Domain d1t5ya2: 1t5y A:1-94 [106496]
    Other proteins in same PDB: d1t5ya1

Details for d1t5ya2

PDB Entry: 1t5y (more details), 2.5 Å

PDB Description: Crystal Structure of Northeast Structural Genomics Consortium Target HR2118: A Human Homolog of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Nip7p

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>d1t5ya2 d.17.6.3 (A:1-94) Nip7p homolog, N-terminal domain {Human (Homo sapiens)}

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