Lineage for d1o5el_ (1o5e L:)

  1. Root: SCOPe 2.06
  2. 2170735Class d: Alpha and beta proteins (a+b) [53931] (385 folds)
  3. 2235774Fold d.170: SRCR-like [56486] (2 superfamilies)
    unusual fold; disulfide-rich; core: beta-x-alpha-beta-loop-beta
  4. 2235775Superfamily d.170.1: SRCR-like [56487] (3 families) (S)
  5. 2235780Family d.170.1.2: Hepsin, N-terminal domain [103355] (1 protein)
    automatically mapped to Pfam PF09272
  6. 2235781Protein Hepsin, N-terminal domain [103356] (1 species)
  7. 2235782Species Human (Homo sapiens) [TaxId:9606] [103357] (4 PDB entries)
    Uniprot P05981 50-159
  8. 2235786Domain d1o5el_: 1o5e L: [103886]
    Other proteins in same PDB: d1o5eh_
    complexed with 132

Details for d1o5el_

PDB Entry: 1o5e (more details), 1.75 Å

PDB Description: dissecting and designing inhibitor selectivity determinants at the s1 site using an artificial ala190 protease (ala190 upa)
PDB Compounds: (L:) Serine protease hepsin

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>d1o5el_ d.170.1.2 (L:) Hepsin, N-terminal domain {Human (Homo sapiens) [TaxId: 9606]}

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