SCOPe Funding Alert: SCOPe support from the NIH ended in April 2016. John-Marc Chandonia is the primary maintainer and has continued to develop SCOPe using vacation time. Three proposals to the NIH for continued funding have been unsuccessful. If our current NIH proposal is not funded, SCOPe will shut down permanently in Summer 2017 as Dr. Chandonia will need to seek a new position.

Parseable files for the SCOPe 2.06 update on 2017-04-06

This page contains parseable files for a periodic update to the stable SCOPe release 2.06. The version number for this update is 2.06-2017-04-06.

These supplemental files are for users with special needs. For most users, we recommend the standard parseable files that are part of the stable SCOPe release 2.06.

To download a copy of the MySQL database released with the update to SCOPe 2.06 on 2017-04-06, click here (1.3 GB)

Parseable files for the update to 2.06 on 2017-04-06: