Table scop.scop_release
SCOP versions

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id int unsigned 10  √ 
aerospaci.release_id aerospaci_ibfk_2
astral_chain_subset_id.release_id astral_chain_subset_id_ibfk_1
astral_domain_subset_blast_e.release_id astral_domain_subset_blast_e_ibfk_1
astral_domain_subset_id.release_id astral_domain_subset_id_ibfk_1
raf.first_release_id raf_ibfk_3
raf.last_release_id raf_ibfk_4
scop_history.release_id scop_history_ibfk_3
scop_node.release_id scop_node_ibfk_2
scop_node_pdbstyle.last_update_id scop_node_pdbstyle_ibfk_2
must be in release order
version text 65535 e.g., 1.73
is_public tinyint unsigned 3 0=no, 1=yes
is_comprehensive tinyint unsigned 3 does this include ~all PDB entries prior to freeze date?
freeze_date date 10 date PDB was frozen for classification
release_date date 10 date this version was released

Table contained 12 rows at Sun Feb 26 23:56 EST 2012

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id Primary key Asc PRIMARY

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