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Table Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
aerospaci aerospaci double 22  √  null ASTRAL AEROSPACI score; same as SPACI for versions where not used
aerospaci effective_r_factor double 22 effective R factor
aerospaci effective_resolution double 22 effective resolution in angstroms
aerospaci id int unsigned 10  √ 
aerospaci method_summary text 65535
aerospaci pdb_entry_id int unsigned 10 aerospaci_ibfk_1
aerospaci procheck1 tinyint unsigned 3  √  null Morris Ramachandran class from PROCHECK
aerospaci procheck2 tinyint unsigned 3  √  null Morris Chi-1 class from PROCHECK
aerospaci procheck3 tinyint unsigned 3  √  null Morris H-bond class from PROCHECK
aerospaci r_factor double 22  √  null R factor, or null if not known or not applicable
aerospaci release_id int unsigned 10 aerospaci_ibfk_2
SCOP release for which these scores were used
aerospaci resolution double 22  √  null resolution in angstroms, or null if not known or not applicable
aerospaci spaci double 22 ASTRAL SPACI score
aerospaci summary_procheck double 22 summary PROCHECK score
aerospaci summary_whatcheck double 22 summary WHAT_CHECK score
aerospaci whatcheck1 double 22  √  null Packing score from WHAT_CHECK
aerospaci whatcheck2 double 22  √  null Ramachandran score from WHAT_CHECK
aerospaci whatcheck3 double 22  √  null Chi angles score from WHAT_CHECK
aerospaci whatcheck4 double 22  √  null Backbone score from WHAT_CHECK
astral_chain id int unsigned 10  √ 
astral_chain_link_domain.chain_id astral_chain_link_domain_ibfk_1
astral_chain_subset_id.astral_chain_id astral_chain_subset_id_ibfk_2
astral_chain is_reject tinyint unsigned 3 due to length or number of Xs
astral_chain raf_id int unsigned 10 astral_chain_ibfk_1
astral_chain seq text 65535 lower case
astral_chain sid varchar 5 e.g., 1jmcA
astral_chain source_id int unsigned 10 astral_chain_ibfk_2
astral_chain_link_domain chain_id int unsigned 10 astral_chain_link_domain_ibfk_1
astral_chain_link_domain domain_id int unsigned 10 astral_chain_link_domain_ibfk_2
astral_chain_subset_id astral_chain_id int unsigned 10 astral_chain_subset_id_ibfk_2
astral_chain_subset_id pct_identical int unsigned 10
astral_chain_subset_id release_id int unsigned 10 astral_chain_subset_id_ibfk_1
astral_domain header text 65535 FASTA header excluding sid
astral_domain id int unsigned 10  √ 
astral_chain_link_domain.domain_id astral_chain_link_domain_ibfk_2
astral_domain_subset_blast_e.astral_domain_id astral_domain_subset_blast_e_ibfk_3
astral_domain_subset_id.astral_domain_id astral_domain_subset_id_ibfk_3
astral_domain is_reject tinyint unsigned 3 due to length or number of Xs
astral_domain node_id int unsigned 10 astral_domain_ibfk_1
astral_domain seq text 65535 lower case, except for X separating genetic domain
astral_domain sid varchar 8 e.g., d1dlwa_ or e1o7d.1B
astral_domain source_id int unsigned 10 astral_domain_ibfk_2
astral_domain style_id int unsigned 10 astral_domain_ibfk_3
astral_domain_subset_blast_e astral_domain_id int unsigned 10 astral_domain_subset_blast_e_ibfk_3
astral_domain_subset_blast_e blast_log10_e double 22
astral_domain_subset_blast_e release_id int unsigned 10 astral_domain_subset_blast_e_ibfk_1
astral_domain_subset_blast_e style_id int unsigned 10 astral_domain_subset_blast_e_ibfk_2
astral_domain_subset_id astral_domain_id int unsigned 10 astral_domain_subset_id_ibfk_3
astral_domain_subset_id pct_identical int unsigned 10
astral_domain_subset_id release_id int unsigned 10 astral_domain_subset_id_ibfk_1
astral_domain_subset_id style_id int unsigned 10 astral_domain_subset_id_ibfk_2
astral_seq_source description text 65535
astral_seq_source id int unsigned 10  √ 
astral_chain.source_id astral_chain_ibfk_2
astral_domain.source_id astral_domain_ibfk_2
astral_seq_style description text 65535
astral_seq_style id int unsigned 10  √ 
astral_domain.style_id astral_domain_ibfk_3
astral_domain_subset_blast_e.style_id astral_domain_subset_blast_e_ibfk_2
astral_domain_subset_id.style_id astral_domain_subset_id_ibfk_2
link_pdb node_id int unsigned 10 link_pdb_ibfk_1
link_pdb pdb_chain_id int unsigned 10 link_pdb_ibfk_2
link_pfam node_id int unsigned 10 link_pfam_ibfk_1
link_pfam pfam_accession varchar 8
link_species node_id int unsigned 10 link_species_ibfk_1
link_species species_id int unsigned 10 link_species_ibfk_2
link_uniprot node_id int unsigned 10 link_uniprot_ibfk_1
link_uniprot uniprot_accession varchar 6
pdb_chain chain varchar 1 case sensitive
pdb_chain id int unsigned 10  √ 
link_pdb.pdb_chain_id link_pdb_ibfk_2
pdb_chain_compound.pdb_chain_id pdb_chain_compound_ibfk_1
pdb_chain_gene.pdb_chain_id pdb_chain_gene_ibfk_1
pdb_chain_source.pdb_chain_id pdb_chain_source_ibfk_1
raf.pdb_chain_id raf_ibfk_2
pdb_chain is_polypeptide tinyint unsigned 3 0=no, 1=yes
pdb_chain pdb_release_id int unsigned 10 pdb_chain_ibfk_1
pdb_chain_compound pdb_chain_id int unsigned 10 pdb_chain_compound_ibfk_1
pdb_chain_compound pdb_compound_id int unsigned 10 pdb_chain_compound_ibfk_2
pdb_chain_gene pdb_chain_id int unsigned 10 pdb_chain_gene_ibfk_1
pdb_chain_gene pdb_gene_id int unsigned 10 pdb_chain_gene_ibfk_2
pdb_chain_source pdb_chain_id int unsigned 10 pdb_chain_source_ibfk_1
pdb_chain_source pdb_source_id int unsigned 10 pdb_chain_source_ibfk_2
pdb_compound description text 65535  √  null
pdb_compound id int unsigned 10  √ 
pdb_chain_compound.pdb_compound_id pdb_chain_compound_ibfk_2
pdb_entry code varchar 4 4-letter code e.g., 1jmc
pdb_entry deposition_date date 10 date structure was deposited, from HEADER line
pdb_entry description text 65535 from TITLE
pdb_entry id int unsigned 10  √ 
aerospaci.pdb_entry_id aerospaci_ibfk_1
pdb_entry.obsoleted_by pdb_entry_ibfk_1
pdb_release.pdb_entry_id pdb_release_ibfk_1
pdb_entry is_literature_reference tinyint unsigned 3 0=real PDB, 1=SCOP-only
pdb_entry obsolete_date date 10  √  null date obsoleted or withdrawn by PDB; null if still active
pdb_entry obsoleted_by int unsigned 10  √  null pdb_entry_ibfk_1
non-null if obsoleted by another structure
pdb_entry release_date date 10 date structure was first released by PDB, from REVDAT 1 line
pdb_gene gene_name text 65535  √  null
pdb_gene id int unsigned 10  √ 
pdb_chain_gene.pdb_gene_id pdb_chain_gene_ibfk_2
pdb_headers class text 65535
pdb_headers id int unsigned 10  √ 
pdb_headers keywords text 65535
pdb_headers pdb_release_id int unsigned 10 pdb_headers_ibfk_1
pdb_headers title text 65535
pdb_heterogen description text 65535  √  null
pdb_heterogen id int unsigned 10  √ 
pdb_release_heterogen.pdb_heterogen_id pdb_release_heterogen_ibfk_2
pdb_local is_raf_calculated tinyint unsigned 3 0=no, 1=yes
pdb_local pdb_path text 65535  √  null absolute path to file
pdb_local pdb_release_id int unsigned 10 pdb_local_ibfk_1
pdb_local snapshot_date date 10 snapshot containing the PDB file for this release
pdb_local xml_path text 65535  √  null absolute path to xml
pdb_method description text 65535 full EXPDTA record
pdb_method id int unsigned 10  √ 
pdb_release.method_id pdb_release_ibfk_3
pdb_method is_theory tinyint unsigned 3 0=no, 1=yes
pdb_method is_xray tinyint unsigned 3 0=no, 1=yes
pdb_method summary text 65535 summary of method, e.g. XRAY
pdb_release file_date date 10  √  null PDB datestamp on file (if known), to track silent updates by PDB
pdb_release has_valid_procheck tinyint unsigned 3 0=no, 1=yes
pdb_release has_valid_whatcheck tinyint unsigned 3 0=no, 1=yes
pdb_release id int unsigned 10  √ 
pdb_chain.pdb_release_id pdb_chain_ibfk_1
pdb_headers.pdb_release_id pdb_headers_ibfk_1
pdb_local.pdb_release_id pdb_local_ibfk_1
pdb_release.replaced_by pdb_release_ibfk_2
pdb_release_heterogen.pdb_release_id pdb_release_heterogen_ibfk_1
pdb_release method_id int unsigned 10  √  null pdb_release_ibfk_3
experimental method listed in EXPDTA record, or null if not available
pdb_release pdb_entry_id int unsigned 10 pdb_release_ibfk_1
pdb_release procheck1 tinyint unsigned 3  √  null Morris Ramachandran class from PROCHECK
pdb_release procheck2 tinyint unsigned 3  √  null Morris Chi-1 class from PROCHECK
pdb_release procheck3 tinyint unsigned 3  √  null Morris H-bond class from PROCHECK
pdb_release r_factor double 22  √  null R factor, or null if not known or not applicable
pdb_release replaced_by int unsigned 10  √  null pdb_release_ibfk_2
non-null if replaced by a later version
pdb_release resolution double 22  √  null resolution in angstroms, or null if not known or not applicable
pdb_release revision_date date 10 date this version was released, from REVDAT line
pdb_release spaci double 22  √  null ASTRAL SPACI score, or null if not calculated
pdb_release whatcheck1 double 22  √  null Packing score from WHAT_CHECK
pdb_release whatcheck2 double 22  √  null Ramachandran score from WHAT_CHECK
pdb_release whatcheck3 double 22  √  null Chi angles score from WHAT_CHECK
pdb_release whatcheck4 double 22  √  null Backbone score from WHAT_CHECK
pdb_release_heterogen pdb_heterogen_id int unsigned 10 pdb_release_heterogen_ibfk_2
pdb_release_heterogen pdb_release_id int unsigned 10 pdb_release_heterogen_ibfk_1
pdb_source common_name text 65535  √  null
pdb_source id int unsigned 10  √ 
pdb_chain_source.pdb_source_id pdb_chain_source_ibfk_2
pdb_source_species.pdb_source_id pdb_source_species_ibfk_1
pdb_source is_synthetic tinyint unsigned 3
pdb_source ncbi_taxid text 65535  √  null
pdb_source scientific_name text 65535
pdb_source strain_name text 65535  √  null
pdb_source_species pdb_source_id int unsigned 10 pdb_source_species_ibfk_1
pdb_source_species species_id int unsigned 10 pdb_source_species_ibfk_2
raf first_release_id int unsigned 10  √  null raf_ibfk_3
first SCOP release in which this raf was used, or null for working copy
raf id int unsigned 10  √ 
astral_chain.raf_id astral_chain_ibfk_1
raf last_release_id int unsigned 10  √  null raf_ibfk_4
last SCOP release in which this raf was used, or null for working copy
raf line text 65535 full line of text, including header
raf pdb_chain_id int unsigned 10 raf_ibfk_2
raf raf_version_id int unsigned 10 raf_ibfk_1
raf_version header_length int unsigned 10
raf_version id int unsigned 10  √ 
raf.raf_version_id raf_ibfk_1
raf_version version text 65535  √  null e.g., 0.02
scop_comment description text 65535 the comment
scop_comment id int unsigned 10  √ 
scop_comment is_autogenerated tinyint unsigned 3 autogenerated (not by Alexey)?
scop_comment node_id int unsigned 10 scop_comment_ibfk_1
node being commented on
scop_history change_type_id int unsigned 10 scop_history_ibfk_4
type of change
scop_history id int unsigned 10  √ 
scop_history new_node_id int unsigned 10  √  null scop_history_ibfk_2
node it turns into, if applicable
scop_history old_node_id int unsigned 10 scop_history_ibfk_1
node being replaced
scop_history release_id int unsigned 10 scop_history_ibfk_3
release where change occurred
scop_history_type abbreviation text 65535 in history.obs; e.g., mrg
scop_history_type description text 65535 e.g., merge
scop_history_type id int unsigned 10  √ 
scop_history.change_type_id scop_history_ibfk_4
scop_index node_id int unsigned 10
scop_index term text 65535
scop_level abbreviation text 65535 abbreviation to use in parseable files
scop_level description text 65535 long description, e.g., Class
scop_level id int unsigned 10  √ 
scop_node.level_id scop_node_ibfk_1
scop_level is_autoexpanded tinyint unsigned 3 Automatically expand this level in browser?
scop_level is_hidden tinyint unsigned 3 Show this level in browser?
scop_level master_abbreviation text 65535 abbreviation used in the master file
scop_level plural text 65535 plural description, e.g., Classes
scop_node description text 65535
scop_node id int unsigned 10  √ 
astral_domain.node_id astral_domain_ibfk_1
link_pdb.node_id link_pdb_ibfk_1
link_pfam.node_id link_pfam_ibfk_1
link_species.node_id link_species_ibfk_1
link_uniprot.node_id link_uniprot_ibfk_1
scop_comment.node_id scop_comment_ibfk_1
scop_history.new_node_id scop_history_ibfk_2
scop_history.old_node_id scop_history_ibfk_1
scop_node.parent_node_id scop_node_ibfk_3
scop_node_pdbstyle.node_id scop_node_pdbstyle_ibfk_1
scop_node_thumbnail.node_id scop_node_thumbnail_ibfk_1
scop_subset_level.level_node_id scop_subset_level_ibfk_2
scop_subset_level.rep_node_id scop_subset_level_ibfk_1
scop_node level_id int unsigned 10 scop_node_ibfk_1
SCOP level
scop_node parent_node_id int unsigned 10  √  null scop_node_ibfk_3
null if no parent
scop_node release_id int unsigned 10  √  null scop_node_ibfk_2
release in which this node appears, or null for working copy
scop_node sccs text 65535 SCOP concise classification string, e.g., a.1.1.1
scop_node sid text 65535  √  null SCOP domain identifier, e.g., d1dlwa_ (null if not domain)
scop_node sunid int 10 SCOP unique identifier, e.g., 14982; unique within each release
scop_node_pdbstyle file_path text 65535
scop_node_pdbstyle last_update_id int unsigned 10 scop_node_pdbstyle_ibfk_2
SCOP release in which coordinates were last updated
scop_node_pdbstyle node_id int unsigned 10 scop_node_pdbstyle_ibfk_1
scop_node_thumbnail chain_large int unsigned 10  √  null scop_node_thumbnail_ibfk_7
scop_node_thumbnail chain_small int unsigned 10  √  null scop_node_thumbnail_ibfk_4
scop_node_thumbnail domain_large int unsigned 10  √  null scop_node_thumbnail_ibfk_6
scop_node_thumbnail domain_small int unsigned 10  √  null scop_node_thumbnail_ibfk_3
scop_node_thumbnail main int unsigned 10  √  null scop_node_thumbnail_ibfk_2
default, or primary view
scop_node_thumbnail node_id int unsigned 10 scop_node_thumbnail_ibfk_1
scop_node_thumbnail structure_large int unsigned 10  √  null scop_node_thumbnail_ibfk_8
scop_node_thumbnail structure_small int unsigned 10  √  null scop_node_thumbnail_ibfk_5
scop_release freeze_date date 10 date PDB was frozen for classification
scop_release id int unsigned 10  √ 
aerospaci.release_id aerospaci_ibfk_2
astral_chain_subset_id.release_id astral_chain_subset_id_ibfk_1
astral_domain_subset_blast_e.release_id astral_domain_subset_blast_e_ibfk_1
astral_domain_subset_id.release_id astral_domain_subset_id_ibfk_1
raf.first_release_id raf_ibfk_3
raf.last_release_id raf_ibfk_4
scop_history.release_id scop_history_ibfk_3
scop_node.release_id scop_node_ibfk_2
scop_node_pdbstyle.last_update_id scop_node_pdbstyle_ibfk_2
must be in release order
scop_release is_comprehensive tinyint unsigned 3 does this include ~all PDB entries prior to freeze date?
scop_release is_public tinyint unsigned 3 0=no, 1=yes
scop_release release_date date 10 date this version was released
scop_release version text 65535 e.g., 1.73
scop_subset_level level_node_id int unsigned 10 scop_subset_level_ibfk_2
scop_subset_level rep_node_id int unsigned 10 scop_subset_level_ibfk_1
species common_name text 65535  √  null
species details text 65535  √  null
species id int unsigned 10  √ 
link_species.species_id link_species_ibfk_2
pdb_source_species.species_id pdb_source_species_ibfk_2
species ncbi_taxid int unsigned 10  √  null
species scientific_name text 65535
thumbnail height int unsigned 10
thumbnail id int unsigned 10  √ 
scop_node_thumbnail.chain_large scop_node_thumbnail_ibfk_7
scop_node_thumbnail.chain_small scop_node_thumbnail_ibfk_4
scop_node_thumbnail.domain_large scop_node_thumbnail_ibfk_6
scop_node_thumbnail.domain_small scop_node_thumbnail_ibfk_3
scop_node_thumbnail.main scop_node_thumbnail_ibfk_2
scop_node_thumbnail.structure_large scop_node_thumbnail_ibfk_8
scop_node_thumbnail.structure_small scop_node_thumbnail_ibfk_5
thumbnail image_path text 65535
thumbnail width int unsigned 10