SCOPe: Structural Classification of Proteins — extended. Release 2.06 (updated 2016-04-30, stable release February 2016)
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Starting with SCOPe version 2.01, data from all versions of SCOPe, SCOP, and Astral since 1.55 are stored in a relational database.
To download a copy of the MySQL database released with stable SCOPe 2.06 (sql.bz2 format), click here (1.3 GB).
Documentation for our schema is available here. (ER diagrams were autogenerated using SchemaSpy.)
Note that we have removed the astral_seq_blast* tables from the download, since these tables are so large. They are available on request.

Since SCOP release 1.55, the SCOP classification has been distributed in the form of a set of sequences, coordinates, and parseable files, all based on a new set of identifiers.
For an account of these changes, file formats, file contents and meaning, see the Lo Conte et al (2002) and Chandonia et al (2004) references under the References tab.

SCOPe parseable files for stable release 2.06:

Click here for access to the parseable files and MySQL database released with the periodic update to SCOPe 2.06 on 2016-04-30.

Parseable files for previous stable releases of SCOP and SCOPe :

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Parseable files for very old releases of SCOP (without stable identifiers):

Old sequence libraries

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