SPACI score report for 1u3h in ASTRAL 2.07:

PDB Entry: 1u3h
SPACI score: 0.29
AEROSPACI score: 0.29 (mutant; see below)

Experiment type: XRAY
Resolution: 2.42
R-factor: 0.232
PCK1 PROCHECK Ramachandran: 1
PCK2 PROCHECK Chi-1 angle: 2
PCK3 PROCHECK H-bonds: 2
WCK1 WHAT_CHECK Packing: -1.013
WCK2 WHAT_CHECK Ramachandran: -3.087
WCK3 WHAT_CHECK Chi angles: -2.234
WCK4 WHAT_CHECK Backbone: -0.526

The AEROSPACI score for this entry is lower than the SPACI score because human-curated comments on the entry in SCOPe contain the phrase mutant. The full comment is: "mutant; automatically matched to d1f3jb1; automatically matched to d1f3jb2; automatically matched to 1U3H B:3-117; automatically matched to d1k2da1; automatically matched to d1k2da2; automatically matched to 1U3H A:2-116; automated match to d1k2db1; automated match to d1k2db2; automated match to d1u3ha1; automated match to d1u3hb1; automated match to d2p24a2; automated match to d2p24a1"

Note: Here are links to pages about PROCHECK and WHAT_CHECK.

Here is the full WHAT_CHECK report on this protein (linked from the WHAT_CHECK site).