SCOPe Funding Alert: SCOPe support from the NIH ended in April 2016. John-Marc Chandonia is the primary maintainer and has continued to develop SCOPe using vacation time. Three proposals to the NIH for continued funding have been unsuccessful. If our current NIH proposal is not funded, SCOPe will shut down permanently in Summer 2017 as Dr. Chandonia will need to seek a new position.

Retrieve Individual Sequences

This form allows you to retrieve individual Astral SCOPe domain sequences, or sequences corresponding to PDB chains which are part of the Rapid Access Format PDB ATOM—SEQRES correspondence maps.
Data will be returned for Astral SCOPe release 2.06.

Please enter one of the following:

  • SCOPe sid domain identifier (e.g., "d1dlwa_")
  • SCOPe sun domain identifier (e.g., "14982")
  • PDB Code (e.g., "1dlw")
  • PDB Code + chain ID (e.g., "1dlwA")

FASTA format sequence for , in style, using the PDB records.
Output will be returned as .